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opening on
Thursday, May 05, 2022, 6-9 pm
with the artist Michael Nischke
A catalog accompanies the exhibition

In the exhibition MADE IN MUNICH , we are showing 14 large-format works by the photographer Michael Nischke from his ART|MUNICH series created between 2016 and 2021. Nischke chooses Munich's most well-known places as motifs and transforms his personal impressions into a new, fascinating world of images, which he alienates with intensive, sometimes artificial colours. With this color technique, the photographic works are supplemented by a further, almost painterly dimension. The minimalist image composition is also important to the artist. Due to his many connections and trips to Asia, Nischke's visual aesthetics are characterized by reduction. His view of Munich is surprisingly different and shows the city from a completely new perspective.
Special, highly pigmented inks, which are printed on aluminum, are used to produce the works. This process generates a very unique, subdued luminosity that is heavily dependent on the incidence of light. The square format of the photographs is deliberately reminiscent of the “Hasselblad format” known from medium-format cameras in analogue photography.
Fig.: ALTE PINAKOTHEK, BUSCANDO LA LUZ | 2021, pigment print on aluminium