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Ivan de Menis



Prospettive - current work
Painting and cast resin objects

Exhibition runs til January 12, 2022
Wed - Fri 1-7pm and Sat 12-6pm

Entry from 8.12. on
with 2G prove

WEBSITE Ivan de Menis

Ivan de Menis generously covers the canvas with paint, works in thick layers, and lets the highly pigmented acrylic paint run down the sides. In the series of works Tessera (map), small-format rectangular or square picture objects are created that develop an intense color and luminosity and give an idea of ​​the artist's work process, as the various layers emerge openly on the sides. The attraction of the work is evident in the contrast between the almost silky smooth surface and the rough side surfaces with streaks and drops of paint and flaked layers.
In the large-format series of works Compressione (condensation), the focus is not only on the color, but also on the surface structure as an image. Here the surface does not remain monochrome smooth, but goes through a work process that breaks the color surface and brings it to life.