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Imaging? We are not doing that anymore.

Imaging? We are not doing that anymore.
(Blue Rider in the sky, Teil II)

Opening: 09.09.2016
10.09. - 15.10.2016
Bruno Kuhlmann

An exhibition situation with painting, drawing and a film
Already three years ago Bruno Kuhlmann has launched a discourse on painting in his historical dimension in the gallery ARTOXIN with the exhibition "No, this does not work!". To the season start, the Open Art weekend in Munich, follows the second part, in which the artist continues this game with the history of modernity. Already the extensive title "Imaging? We can not do that anymore! (Blue Rider in the Sky, Part II) "comes as a huge claim, which will be verified in his works from the last two years. But none of the media in which Bruno Kuhlmann works, the canvas prints, the drawings, paperwork, as well as the 20 minute video sample, does not come from scanning of what has been seen, no, it is rather a formal vocabulary that designs a contemporary view.

Abb.: 1/16 (Kegeln 2015_3/5), 2016, 115x95cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas
(Foto copyright Bruno Kuhlmann/VG Bild&Kunst)