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Doris Hahlweg

Doris Hahlweg

Color is touch of the eye
In my paintings, I am concerned with coloring, with the colour harmony and with the behavior of color as a material. The process of image formation and the action of painting, almost the course of events, develop by painting. So I do not go with a concrete idea to make a picture , but I draw from the painting process itself. One layer depends on the next. I make my own color from modern and historical pigments with linseed oil. The viscosity, the flow behavior and the transparency of the color composition can be precisely controlled. The consistency of the color influences the form, the different layers, background and overpainting. One color requires the other. My picture panels are made of aluminum. The hard subsoil allows me to pull off entire layers of paint. As a result, more color can be removed than visible. There can be more picture space than painted. All the processes leave their traces. These processes can take weeks with little change, or the picture suddenly changes completely. Slowness against speed and speed against slowness. Seeing for action and action for seeing. In the end it is about a painting. One that I have never seen before.

Doris Hahlweg January 2014

o.T., Diptychon, Oil on Aluminium, 2013

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