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The name says it all – our gallery stands for artistic creation as synthesis of ones own (art) toxins.

In other words, we are opening the poison cabinet. The toxic effect is intentional. Risks and side effects, from irritation to sensory stimuli, critical examination, enthusiasm, infatuation, are all welcome. The difference between healing or destructive effect lies simply in the dosage.

‘If you want to explain each toxin correctly, then which substance is not toxic? Only the dosage determines if something is poisenous or not’. (Paracelsus)

arToxin gives room to contemporary positions as an alternative to mainstream and randomness. The concept of our new gallery is to have between six and eight exhibitions a year. Young art made in Munich will be a fixed item in our programme. Apart from that, we will invite artists from various genres. Next to painting and drawing, we will also show new positions in the fields of sculpture, video and new media.